Scheduling SRN News at :30:00 within SRN Talk Programming on the XDS platform

***This memo is intended for all Salem Radio Network affiliates intending to embed SRN News at :30:00 (bottom of hour) within SRN Talk programming on the XDS receiver. Not following this procedure may result in your station not receiving current SRN News at the :30:00 broadcast.***

Because of the nature in the XDS receiver platform, you will be required to follow a specific method when scheduling SRN News during hours when you will be playing SRN Talk programming (Bennett, Gallagher, Prager, Medved, and Hewitt). Please follow these steps in order to schedule your SRN Talk programming and SRN News in your XDS receiver.

-After logging into the web interface of your XDS receiver, select "View or change my Schedules".

-Now select the station whose schedule you wish to view or change.

-Select the "Program List" tab. Now a pull-down menu will appear listing all of the programming available to your receiver.

-Select your SRN Talk programming and SRN - News at HH:00 first. Once these are scheduled in your receiver you can go back and schedule SRN News at HH:30.

-When scheduling SRN News HH:30 during the same hour when you are airing SRN Talk programming, you will be notified of a scheduling conflict. ***This is correct on your part - you've done nothing wrong - but it is a step we have to work though in order to make the receiver "embed" this Newscast into our current programming.***

-At the conflict detected box, press OK. This will return you to the News feed page but now with an added "conflict" button. Press this button to open the Conflict Resolution window.

-Select the 4th button that says "Keep this show and automatically resolve conflicts giving priority to this show." and press OK.

-Repeat for any other SRN programs you wish to carry (this includes Saturday and Sunday refeeds of the same program).

You will need to process these steps during every hour that you wish to embed SRN News at :30:00 into SRN Talk programming. This extra step ensures that you will always receive fresh, current news, especially when you tape delay SRN Talk programming.

A detailed video demonstration showing these steps is available at the 12-minute mark at

Please contact Derek Anderson at (972) 831-1920 x154 ( with any further questions.